We live not so far (about four-five hours drive) from the Alps and go there quite frequently. Also in winter. We go there skiing and snowboarding and Scout comes with us. How to organize a pleasant ski vacation for you and your dog? Is it possible to buy an all-Inclusive ski package and bring a dog with? What does it actually mean – a dog-friendly ski resort? In this post, we will answer these questions, based on the experience that we have.

blog scout on tour

Scout in Kössen, Austria

All-Inclusive ski package + the dog?

Many hotels in the Alps are dog-friendly because many people are coming there with pets. It is not a problem to find one on the booking.com or airbnb.com. However, when you want to buy a ski package, which includes ski-passes, hotel and a half or full pension, it could be tricky because not all the package-hotels are welcoming dogs. But some of them are. This information is available in tourists catalogs, which can be found in any German supermarket. Like that we found a suitable all-inclusive package tour for us and booked it later on the website that was listed in the catalog. We chose hotel Sonneck near ski-resort Hochkössen in Austria. Using those catalogs are cheaper than buying ski-passes and hotels separately. However, don’t forget to check the Google reviews of the hotel before the reservation.

ski-resort Kössen, Austria with a dog

dog-friendly ski hotel in Kössen, Austria

ski-hotel Sonneck in Kössen, Austria

Dog-friendly ski hotel Sonneck in Kössen, Austria

We booked our ski holidays in Austria at the beginning of November and went there in February. Sonneck in Kössen was the most dog-friendly hotel that we ever visited so far. Firstly, they have special door hanger signs. Usually, it is only this standard “Don’t disturb”. But what if you’re going for breakfast and leave your dog in the room? How can you show the hotel maid that it is not the right time for cleaning? In Sonneck we found special door hanger signs “My dog is in the room”. It is so simple and so genius.

ski-hotel Sonneck in Kössen, Austria

Hotel Sonneck in Kössen, Austria

Secondly, they have signs outside, showing the best route for a walk with your dog. And have guidance in the room with tips for a good vacation with a dog. These small things are making holidays more comfortable and showing that hotel stuff really cares. We’ve already visited many hotels where dogs were allowed but never seen such a caring attitude before.

How do we organize our day on a ski resort with a dog

It is obvious that Scout is going to the Alps not to sit in the hotel room the whole day. That’s why we came up with a plan of how to make such kind of holidays great for all of us. In the morning we wake up quite early and go for a long walk before breakfast.

ski vacation with a dog

ski resort Kössen, Austria

blog scout on tour

After that Scout gets tired and goes to sleep in the room. In the meantime, we eat breakfast and go directly to the slopes. We always chose a hotel that is close to the slopes to not waste a lot of time driving.

ski resort Hochkössen, Austria

Ski resort Hochkössen, Austria

ski-resort Kössen, Austria

Ski resort Hochkössen, Austria

ski resort Kössen, Austria

Ski resort Hochkössen, Austria

Hochkossen, Austria

We go skiing and snowboarding till lunch, then eat something very quickly and go back to the hotel. Dogs are not allowed at the slopes because it could be dangerous and chaotic if they will run there.

Quick lunch at Hochkössen

The second part of the day we spend with Scout. Usually, we go hiking because many hiking routes are open there even in winter. Sometimes before dinner we also have time to visit the spa because Scout is getting tired quite fast, running and playing in the snow.

dog-friendly ski hotel in Kössen, Austria

So much snow!

ski-hotel Sonneck in Kössen, Austria

Spa-time after the day full of skiing and hiking

We usually don’t have any snow in Mainz and Scout is always very happy to play with it, while visiting the Alps. To share this experience together with her is just amazing!

scout on tour

Exploring mode on

Kossen, Austria

On the way back home

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