The Moselle Valley is one of the most attractive places in Germany. There are vineyards, fairytale villages, picturesque hills, green beautiful river and, for sure, perfect wine! The valley can be explored by foot, train, car and by bike. This year we organized our own bike tour on the Moselle.

bike tour on Mosel

The Mosel-Radweg is quite long: 239 km in Germany and 311 km in total as a part of international Velo Tour Moselle. We haven’t done all the route yet but only 150 km. If you have 5-6 days, it is possible to ride the whole Mosel-Radweg. We made only two parts: Koblenz – Cochem (50 km in one day) and Traben-Trarbach – Trier (100 km in two days). It was not easy to plan the route due to the lack of information on the web. Mixing all that we found in German and English, we planned our journey. We hope this information will be helpful to those who also plan to explore amazing Moselle Valley.

Mosel bike tour

How to get to Moselle Bike Path by train

At first, how to start? The bike route is quite far from the big cities such as Frankfurt, Mainz, and Wiesbaden. There are two options – go to the starting point by car or by train. We chose the train because we didn’t have car racks for bikes and didn’t want to make a round trip in order to get back to our car. So, we took the train from Mainz (there are also good train connections to Frankfurt or other big cities) and went to Koblenz, where we started our tour.

The bike tour on the Moselle could be also started in other cities, where the train stations exist. There are many stations from the way from Koblenz to Cochem so any of them could be chosen, based on the desired distance. In that case, the route could be shortened from 50 km to 30 or 20.

We would recommend buying a regional ticket for Rheinland-Pfalz. It allows using regional trains all day and taking bicycles for free. Additionally, the ticket could be used by 5 persons, which made a trip with friends really cheap.

travel with bike by train

German trains are equipped with special carriages for bikes. It is pretty comfortable and safe because you can fasten bike there and just sit beside.

From Koblenz to Cochem by bike

So, we went from Mainz to Koblenz with our bikes by train. What’s next? Exploring Koblenz! At least, take a look at the Deutsches Eck (“German Corner”), famous place, where the Moselle joins the Rhein.

German Corner in Koblenz

German Corner in Koblenz

Following the street signs and Google Map, we started our way to the Moselle River, where Moselle Bike Path begins. It is a dedicated bicycle path along the river. Very scenic, safe and beautiful. The path is mostly flat and fits for the cyclists of all levels. There are also many shops where e-bikes could be rented. We have road bikes with thin tires but the road is good enough for them. The traffic is quite moderate, all the cyclists we met were nice and polite.

Moselle bike trail

Moselle bicycle path

It is relatively easy to follow the Moselle cycle route. Most of the time there are signs and the river is always within eyeshot so you won’t be lost. We passed many historic villages, camping places, restaurants, cafes, and vineyards. The route is very entertaining due to the breathtaking natural landscapes and charming houses on the way.

bike tour on Moselle

Moselle vineyards

We also took a ferry once because one part of the bicycle path was under construction.

Moselle ferry  ferry on Moselle river

It is possible to make a stop and take a rest on the riverbank whenever you want. We took some food and water with us because there are almost no supermarkets along the route. However, there are hotels and cafes so you will always find a place to eat and even stay for the night.

Moselle bike tour

One of the hotels for cyclists on the Moselle river

50 km of meadows and vineyards – and we are in Cochem. Cochem is one the most beautiful towns on the Moselle. It is also full of tourists but anyway very cool.

bike tour from Koblenz to Cochem  Cochem bike tour

Wine tasting in Cochem: the perfect finish of our trip

What could be better than a wine tasting at the end of the bike trail through vineyards? We chose a cozy wine restaurant “Zum Kapuziner” directly on the Moselle river embankment. They offer local wine and tasty German tapas. There is also a wine tasting with a special selection of chocolate that perfectly fits some sorts of wine.

wine tasting on Moselle  wine tasting in Cochem

The cycling tour was over. Everything was perfect except the train on our way home. We caught the train in Cochem on Sunday evening like many other cyclists and it was overcrowded. But somehow we got back to Mainz. We started our trip at 9:30 am and went back around 08:30 pm. It was a wonderful cycling day!

PS: it was our second bike tour on the Moselle. The other part is here: Moselle bike tour from Traben-Trarbach to Trier.