The North Sea is a perfect destination for a weekend getaway in summer. Just five hours from Mainz by car and you are there, in The Hague, with its wonderful long beaches of white sand. Many beaches in the Netherlands are not only beautiful but also dog-friendly! We checked some of them and spent there a great time with Scout.

dog-friendly beach in Holland

In general, dogs are allowed to run freely at any beach in Holland from October till April. But even in summer, many beaches near The Hague have a special area (and it is quite big) that you can visit with your dog to swim and have fun.

dog-friendly beach at the North Sea

The beaches in the Netherland are free. You can rent there an umbrella or just bring one with you to create a shadow for the dog. At the beach, you can also find water for your dog and buy food or drinks for you as well but most of the people are bringing everything with them.

Dog-friendly beach in Scheveningen, The Hague

The most famous and crowded beach in The Hague also can be visited with a dog in summer. However, you will need to walk a bit further from the center part of the beach to the right of the Pier.

where dogs are allowed in Scheveningen

Plan of the beach in Scheveningen

Scheveningen with dog in summer

Scheveningen beach


beach in the Hague

Dogs are also allowed at The Pier, where giant Ferris wheel is located. You can walk or visit a cafe at The Pier, having your pet with you.

Dog-friendly beach in Scheveningen The Hague

At the Pier, dogs are allowed

Scheveningen ferris wheel

Scheveningen the Hague

the Pier in The Hague

The Pier

Dog-friendly beach in Scheveningen The Hague

As you can see in the pictures, Scheveningen is very crowded on a hot summer day. Don’t go there with a car – take a tram or a bike. And don’t be afraid of the crowd – the beach is huge and there is a lot of space. Check this website for more information about Scheveningen beach.

Crowded Scheveningen beach in summer

ferry wheel The Hague

Dog beach in Noordwijk

This dog-friendly beach is our favorite! It is much less crowded than Scheveningen. You can park there for free and then take a 10-minute walk through picturesque dunes to the beach. Most of the people were coming with a bike so we didn’t have any parking problems even on a weekend.

Way to the dog beach in Noordwijk

Bikes near the beach, North Sea

Noordwijk Dunes

Dog beach in Noordwijk

Dog-friendly beach Noordwijk at the North Sea

In Noordwijk you can also unleash your dog – just check at the plan in which areas it is allowed. At the end of the beach, you can even ride a horse!

Dog beach in Noordwijk

Plan of the dog beach in Noordwijk

Dog beach Wassenaar

Wassenaar is another public beach in Holland where dogs are welcome anytime. It is not so busy like Scheveningen and is located really near the Hague. If it is not so hot you can even hike from Scheveningen to Wassenaar (10 km).

North Sea beach with a dog

Dog beach Wassernaar

Dunes the North Sea

All the beaches in this post are connected with each other, it is basically just a very long coastline. It is really cool because these areas are huge and everyone can find a space there even on a busy summer day.

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