Moselle river is one of our favorite weekend destinations in Germany. Vineyards with local wineries, cozy villages, hiking routes with a view, a great cycle route – it’s all about the Moselle river. At the beginning of October, we explored a hiking route Calmont Höhenweg, which leads to the breathtaking viewpoint of Moselschleife.

Calmont Moselschleife hiking with a dog

Moselschleife means “Moselle horseshoe bend” because it actually looks like one.

There are at least three ways to reach this viewpoint:

1. Calmont-Klettersteig

Calmont-Klettersteig – a very exciting hiking route, where you need to climb up the steepest vineyard along the river. Many people do it with kids, so it is not so difficult and it doesn’t require any special equipment. However, we didn’t go this way because we took our dog Scout with us.

Hier, you can find a description of the hiking route Calmont-Klettersteig and the map:

2. Calmont Höhenweg to the Moselschleife

The Calmont Höhenweg – this was the hiking route we chose. Both routes Klettersteig and Höhenweg are starting from the parking in Ediger-Eller but after 20-25 minutes of going along the route you can choose where to go next – to climb up the view-drenched vineyards (it will be Klettersteig) or to walk through the forest and follow Calmont Höhenweg signs.

Calmont Höhenweg

The route is quite easy but requires a pair of hiking shoes. The landscape is changing a lot: you see the Moselle river from differents perspective, old ruins, villages, vineyards, and forest.

Calmont Höhenweg hiking route

Calmont Höhenweg with a dog

Calmont Höhenweg


Calmont Höhenweg to the Moselschleife with a dog

Calmont Moselschleife hiking with a dog

Calmont Moselschleife with a dog

At the top of the mountain, you can not only enjoy a view of the Moselle loop but also drink local Riesling wine and have some snacks in the winery Reinhold Franzen.

winery Reinhold Franzen Moselle

We went back to the historical village Bremm, reaching the Moselle from the other side of the mountain.

historical village Bremm Moselle

In the forest, I found a painted pebble. It is a viral project, where people painted stones and left them somewhere for others to find. It was the first time when I found a painted rock and it was a really nice experience.

painted pebble near Bremm

Then we went along the river (which is very beautiful too!) back to Ediger-Eller, where we parked our car. Bremm and Ediger-Eller have many nice local restaurants for dinner after hiking.

Moselle hiking Bremm

Moselle hiking Bremm

The whole route takes around 14 km with 450 m of elevation gain.

3. Get to the Calmont Moselschleife by car

The viewpoint Moselschleife can also be reached by car. Just follow the way to the Parking Calmont Moselschleife. Many people are coming there by car just to enjoy some wine with a spectacular view of “Moselle horseshoe bend”.

Calmont Höhenweg to the Moselschleife with a dog

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