Many people tell us that they really want to have a dog but if they have one, traveling will be difficult. Actually, it is true. Dogs limit travel experience in some ways. For example, you can’t just visit the art gallery when your pet is with you. On the other hand, dogs also BRING A LOT to the trip. We love to travel with a dog (we even named our blog “Scout on Tour”). 

travel with dogs to Paris

Scout in Paris

Our beagle Scout joins around 95% of all the trips. Most of the time it is cool, sometimes it is problematic but we try to learn from our mistakes. There are some tips for a great trip with a dog, or, to be more specific, with a crazy beagle (if you know what I mean).

5 tips for traveling with a dog

  1. Choose the right destination and check the rules.

In Central Europe, almost any destination is right because dogs are allowed everywhere: in hotels, restaurants, shops. We also go camping with a dog.

But sometimes there could be exceptions so check it first. In Germany, Italy, and other countries, dogs can’t visit public beaches. Instead, there are some special beaches where you can go with a dog. Or special rules: for example, in Spain dogs are allowed on the beach only during the low season or only in the mornings/evenings during the high season.

travel with a dog tips

Scout in Belgium

In Portugal, dogs are not allowed in the cafes most of the time. However, in many other European countries, the restaurants are dog-friendly.

We even took a gondola ride in Venice with our dog. And many other boat trips.

gondola ride with dog

Scout on a gondola ride

  1. Go hiking!

Hiking with dogs is amazing. Truly, it is the best. We love hiking and do it very often. Especially, we love the Alps. Scout always follows us and 2.000 meters altitude is not a problem for her. It brings so much joy to see how excited she is when we hike.

travel with dogs

Scout in the Alps (2.500 meters above sea level)

We also go camping together. It is very cozy to cuddle in a sleeping bag after the active day full of adventure! Scout loves to sleep in a tent and she is quite calm there.

camping with dogs

Camping with dogs

  1. Use special things that make everything easier (and safer).

We have portable bowls for food and a folding dog bottle. They are very lightweight and don’t need much space in a backpack.

how to travel with dogs on a car

Scout loves to travel by car!

For a car, we use a dog’s safe belt (just in case; also it is mandatory in Germany but nobody checks) and a blanket that protects seats from dirt and hair. We don’t use any cages for the car; Scout travels on a back seat with her belt and blanket.

hiking with dogs

Hiking in Étretat, France

We also have a hand-free running leash, which is very useful.

What else is important? We always take with us some medications like allergy pills and tick remover tool. Additionally, Scout has a tag with our phone number.

  1. Have patience and keep trying.

Some dogs are easy and agreed to almost everything. Ours is not like this – Scout is stubborn and has her own opinion on everything. For example, she liked to travel by car but didn’t appreciate the buses and trains at the beginning. We tried several times and now she is ok with it. The same with boats: at first she was scared or bored but then she started to enjoy it.

how to travel with dog on boat

Scout on a boat in Italy

This year we went on a bike trip and put Scout in a dog’s bike trailer. We saw that many other dogs go for it. But she just barked almost all the time and was very upset and angry. We won’t give up and will try again next year.

travel with dogs on a bike

Bike trailer for dogs

We never fly with a dog because it seems too stressful and dangerous. Most of the time we just travel by car and she sleeps there all the way.

  1. Enjoy!

After reading this you can think – OMG, how complicated. But it is not. In the first place, it is a lot of fun! Scout got compliments all the time while we are traveling. Thanks to her we pay more attention to the surroundings and spend more time outdoors. And the most important thing that we’re exploring the world together.

beagle in the Alps

Scout in the Alps

PS: when we travel on a plane, Scout goes to visit our friends or, more often, to stay in a dog hotel, which looks like a paradise.