Since we love to take Scout with us everywhere, we also tried a bike tour together. We put our beagle in a dog bicycle trailer and went to a 100K ride along the Moselle river from Traben-Trarbach to Trier.

The first part: Traben-Trarbach – Klüsserath

We planned to cycle around 60 km on the first day and 40 km on the second one, starting from cute town Traben-Trarbach and finishing in a famous Trier. We’ve started with a train from Mainz and reached Traben-Trarbach in a couple of hours. In one of the latest posts, we already explained how to travel by German train with a bike and which ticket to buy.

test dog bicycle trailer

Waiting for a train to come

It is a great pleasure to follow the Moselle Cycle Route (Mosel-Radweg). All the time the Moselle Valley is very beautiful, with a river on the one side and vineyards on the other. Along the route, we rode through several charming small towns and villages such as Bernkastel-Kues.

Moselle bike tour Bernkastel-Kues


Moselle Cycle Trail

Moselle river Mosel Radweg

Moselle Valley

We made many stops on the riverbank to have a snack, walk with Scout and enjoy a peaceful Moselle nature.

Moselle valley bike tour

Moselle river

Moselle river

For the overnight stay, we chose a small village Klüsserath because it was located 58 km from Traben-Trarbach, which seemed a good distance for us. We rented a room in a small family hotel that belongs to a winery. Actually, almost every hotel there belongs to the winemakers. We booked a room in advance but it could be also made spontaneously because many houses on the Moselle river are offering B&B.



Moselle Valley bike tour


Moselle Cycle Trail

Moselle Valley bike tour

Happy Cyclists

We had a nice breakfast with very tasty grape juice from the winery. Afterward, we also bought some bottles of wine in a hotel, which we brought home with a bicycle trailer. It is just not possible to visit Moselle valley without buying wine or at least grape juice even if you are on a bike trip!

Moselle wine

Moselle Cycle Route from Klüsserath to Trier

On the second day, we cycled only 38 km and reached Trier around midday. Unfortunately, the part of Mosel Radweg near Trier is not that impressive due to the industrial zone. We planned our trip based on the location of train stations, that’s why the final stop was made in Trier.

Moselle bike tour from Traben-Trabach to Trier

Mosel Radweg bike trip on the Moselle

The city is relatively big and full of history. It makes sense to spend there a couple of hours or even stay for the night. Trier is very close to Luxembourg, so you can also reach it with a bike if you have more days in reserve.

Moselle bike tour to Trier

Porta Nigra in Trier

From Trier, we took a train back to Mainz. Scout was even more tired than we were! 😉

travel with dog by train in Germany

On the way back home

How we tested a dog bike trailer

In Germany we saw many dogs, who were sitting quietly in a bike trailer, enjoying the ride. We also decided to buy one, imagining how cool we can spend time on weekends, taking Scout to small bicycle tours with us.

The Moselle bicycle path was pretty busy with other cyclists, some of them were also carrying dogs in their trailers. Dogs don’t usually run alongside because it is too far – they will be tired fast, already after 4-5 kilometers depending on a dog’s size and shape.

beagle in a dog bike trailer

Before going on a long bike trip with Scout, we tested a trailer several times on short distances. It worked pretty well. Sometimes Scout barked, but mostly she was just sitting there, looking around. We decided that she is ready for a longer ride… However, she wasn’t ready. Scout didn’t like the trailer and barked a lot.

Maybe next year we will try again, starting with a shorter distance. If someone has a better experience with a dog bicycle trailer, we will be happy to receive an advice.

After this trip, we organized a Moselle bike tour without a dog and cycled from Koblenz to Cochem.